UPS Adds 757 Service to Bangor

The inaugural UPS 757 flight arriving in Bangor on Tuesday, August 2nd.

If you stalk FlightAware or are by the airport in the morning, you’ve noticed the past couple weeks that UPS has been sending a 757 freighter to Bangor from Manchester, NH. In an email from Aimee Thibodeau, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Bangor International Airport, she stated that UPS has increased service by adding the Tuesday-Friday Service which is similar to the A300 service between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The service is separate from the flights from Manchester that Wiggins Airlines services.

UPS Media Relations Manager Jim Mayer added in an email that the flight originates from their Worldport hub in Louisville, KY with a stop in Manchester along the way. The 757 has a maximum payload of 88,000lbs and helps to better service UPS customers in the Bangor area as well as Southern Maine. The jet service helps them get more cargo to the area faster, thus allowing their drivers to get on the road sooner.

The increased service gives Bangor International Airport and additional revenue source and hopefully will help push the development of a cargo center in the 600 area of the airport.

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