Passenger Tries to Open Alaska Airlines Emergency Exit in Flight

23 year old Alexander Michael Herrera attempted to open an emergency exit on board Alaska Airlines flight 132 from Anchorage to Portland, Oregon on Monday. As the place was on it’s final descent into Portland, Herrera was heard making “unusual statements” and then tried to open the emergency exit on the aircraft.

According to a Yahoo! News report, Henry Pignataro told KGW-TV a woman sitting next to him asked for help. Pignataro put Herrera in a choke hold and got him onto the floor int he aisle. Him and another passenger held Herrera down and used shoelaces and seatbelt extentions to restrain him for the remainder of the flight.

Herrera was booked into a Portland jail and charged with interfering with a flight crew and will make his initial court appearance on Tuesday.

Yahoo! News Article

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