There is a new airline travel website out there that is similar to Expedia and Travelocity. It’s called RouteHappy. I stumbled onto it when someone I follow on Twitter mentioned it. The concept isn’t to only find you the best bang for your buck, but as they put it, the happiest flights for the lowest price.

When you first get to the site, you’ll notice it’s pretty easy to navigate, simply enter your origin and destination with dates and search. The results that come up are given a Happiness Score from 0-10 and have pricing information along with departure and arrival times.

What comes next is the cool part. The aircraft type, seat type, in flight entertainment, power plug ins and Wifi availability are listed. Going somewhere that both legs are on sardine can regional jets? Who knows, for $10 more you could be flying on a roomy A320. Long flight and need to charge your iPad? You’ll know what plugs are available, if any and if there are screens in the headrests or hanging from the ceiling to provide in flight entertainment.

Comparison Chart from
Comparison Chart from

Got a few flights in mind? You can select up to four flights and compare them side by side. There are also passenger reviews of the flights themselves.

The site will update after 15 minutes to ensure you have the most up to date pricing available. Prices are as they appear on the airline’s website so you know you’re getting the best deal.

More at and their Blog

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