Happy Anniversary. Ish.

So I logged in this morning after a cannonball run from Bangor to Fenway Park, and back last night/early this morning. Still waiting for the coffee to sink into my blood stream I was going to start a post on some exciting news. However, I’m going to save that for later. Anyway, I had an orange alert icon at the top right when I logged into the dashboard this morning. Figuring it was someone who had liked a post, I was surprised when it said HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! The first thought that jumped into my head was “holy crap I need to get flowers for my girlfriend”, then as the caffeinated goodness from Tim Horton’s seemingly kicked me in the throat, I realized it said this was the 2 year anniversary of 3315aviation.com. Time surely does fly when you’re having fun, although I think it is beyond fun.

The goal when I started 3315 Aviation was to display to the world a smallish city airport and all of the cool sights that come through here along with helping to promote aviation business in Maine. As a life long resident of Maine, a graduate from the University of Maine and being fully immersed in a small family run business here in this great state(look, it isn’t snowing out so I say that with ease), small business is what this state is built on and I wanted to do my part to show what Maine is capable of.

While social media gives me a place to sound off with news and notes, I use the site for everything from random rants, raves and ramblings. Oh and the occasional review of where to find the best craft beer in an airport, aircraft of interest coming through Bangor and more.

As the site continues to grow, I am growing with it. Now offering photography and videography services to aviation related individuals and organizations. Be it photos for a website redesign, fine art photos to hang on your wall of your prized aircraft or photos used to sell your aircraft and more.

So here raise a glass, mug, bottle or donut to the first 2 years. And again to many more!


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