Trump Rally in Bangor on Wednesday

I’m sure by now many of you in the Bangor area know there is a political rally for Republican Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. The rally will take place at 4pm at the Cross Insurance Center on Main St in Bangor. While this is a huge, or YOOGE event for Bangor, it’s even YOOGER for the plane geek community. Hopefully the Trump Force One 757 will be making an appearance transporting Mr Trump and his team with him to the Queen City. We will be there with the dual Canon’s ready to capture the aircraft on arrival at BGR.

I’ll be posting updates through the 3315 Facebook and Twitter accounts on best viewing locations based on the active runway and POSSIBLY a little something extra to come later on. So stay tuned and if you’re out roaming around Bangor tomorrow, swing by the airport and see the most beautiful 757 on the planet.

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