Our Honeymoon – Day 5 Cruising in the Aegean

Today is an off day for us and it couldn’t have come at a better time. We’ve been running on amazing food, horrendous coffee and an occasional Guinness. The fact that Guinness is considered a “domestic” beer is music to my ears. I’m not one of the cool kids with a Fitbit to measure my steps but fortunately, my trust iPhone does. Typically, I don’t pay any attention to it, but I’ve been looking at it the past few days and I’m pretty sure I haven’t walked this much all year. The down day did us some good.

After breakfast we went to the theater to watch a movie, Saving Dory. Whatever age you might be(or in my case, act) there is some sort of activity for you on the ship. From children’s movies to Red Hat Society meetings, they to a great job keeping you entertained. If you’re bored or hungry at any point on the ship, it’s your own fault. On the upper deck is a children’s arcade and activity center, there are movies scheduled on the pool deck at night if you don’t want to bust a move in the Centrum or catch a show in the theater.

I brought my laptop just in case I needed to dump some photos from SD cards. I came packing a high capacity memory card magazine. 4 32GB cards and one 64 GB but in case I started running out, I wanted to be able to dump some onto the computer. The urge has been there to start editing photos but I’m forcing myself to wait until we get home to do that and enjoy our time away from technology, enjoy the sights, sounds and food. Did I mention the food has been plentiful?

The water is an amazing blue color and the spray is a bright white as the waves crash away from the ship. As we left Venice, it was a sea green, but the further south we go, the bright blue tones take over. Though we’re “at sea”, we can still see the shore on one side, but it’s still probably 15-20 miles away.

This is probably the second most boring post you’ll read, but it was a great day to rest and relax. I have one photo of the sea for you tonight, but don’t worry, it’ll be different tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a huge day as we make our way to the first stop of four in the Greek Isles. Santorini.

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