The Antonov AN-225 visits Bangor

IMG_7310Word started to spread amongst internet groups and forums that the largest aircraft in the world would soon be on the move. It was confirmed when the flight plan popped up on FlightAware that they were heading for Bangor on Friday.

The masses flocked to the Odlin Rd and other areas around the airport to catch a glimpse of the Antonov AN-225 Mriya(which is Ukrainian for “dream” or “inspiration”) when it landed around 1pm local time. Cars and trucks started to pile up along Odlin Rd, the road the leads to LifeFlight, along Maine Ave and at general aviation almost 2 hours prior to arrival.

IMG_7393It wouldn’t be long before the gentle giant appeared in the sky as she made her way down the Penobscot River and lined up for initial approach for Bangor’s runway 33, bringing her in over Brewer, Main St in Bangor, Bangor Municipal Golf Course and eventually touching down gracefully at Bangor International Airport.

The crew taxied and parked on Tango Row near C&L Aviation. People then flocked over to the terminal area to catch a close up of the Mriya.

The trip to Bangor was the first in almost 6 years. Whether it was being quarantined for so long or just the amazement surrounding a one of a kind aircraft, those in attendance were able to say they saw the world’s largest aircraft.

IMG_7310Schedules posted online are showing an early Sunday departure after the cargo operation is completed. It is unknown whether cargo is being loaded or unloaded in Bangor.

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