Maine Air Museum

Yesterday after I got done my morning chores and gym workout I made my way to the Maine Air Museum. As long as I’ve been hanging out on the sidelines of Runway 33, I’ve never been there. It’s been quiet at BGR due to the holiday weekend, but it was damp and dreary yesterday so any spotting wasn’t going to produce many decent photos.

I was amazed at everything they have in the Museum, from Dow Field, to Loring and Brunswick NAS to Portland Jetport they have it all. There are great compilations of plane crashes that have occurred in Maine as well as Maine’s ties to the global aviation world.

A P&W JT3 engine for a KC-135R at the Maine Air Museum.
A P&W JT3 engine for a KC-135R at the Maine Air Museum.

I’ve made a page separately for the Maine Air Museum because it’s a great place and I don’t want it to get lost in the blogisphere. If that’s even a word. Check it out, it’ll be the best $2 you’ve spent in a while and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how vital Maine is to the aviation world.

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