MV-22 Osprey

I got word from a friend that there were some MV-22 Osprey’s en route to Bangor on Monday. It was a busy day at work and I really didn’t think I’d be able to get away to stop by the field and check them out. This wasn’t anything new, the past 2 or 3 times they came in I was working out of town or I just didn’t make it over in time to catch them. Well Monday afternoon dragged on and I hadn’t had lunch yet so I ventured over in hopes they were still there. Sure enough as I was looking down the field from I-95 there were 2 taking off and you could still see 3 more at the GA ramp.

As I got to the GA parking lot I grabbed my camera and walked down to the fence to get some shots. There was a woman there taking pictures to send to her son. We were standing there talking and a couple other people stopped by to check them out. Two of the crew from one of the planes saw us and started walking over to the fence. The woman thought he was going to say no pictures but he eventually got to the fence and said take all the pictures you want, you’re tax dollars paid for them!

The pilot, LT. Hussey talked for about 15 minutes about the aircraft, answered questions about them and said that if he had more time he would have taken us out to look at them. He was a great guy and enjoyed talking about the aircraft and was thankful to have the privilege to fly them. It was nice to have him come over and talk, I thanked him for his service because what he does allows us to do what we do(take pictures of planes and eat cookies). Hopefully they’ll be back sometime soon and I’ll get a closer look!

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