Busy Day in Aviation

Not a day after a Boeing 747-400 Dreamlifter operated by Atlas Air mistakenly landed at Jabara Airport in Kansas instead of McConnell Air Force Base, it seemed everyone was glued to live streams of the giant aircraft as it attempted to take off on a 6,100 foot runway. Then about 4 hours later, a Cessna 152 made an emergency landing on a stretch of Interstate 295 in Cumberland, Maine, just north of Portland.

The Cessna, owned by Maine Aviation, based at Portland Jetport touched down in the southbound lane and taxied for a little stretch. Traffic had slowed when they saw the lights coming down and pilot, Sachin Hejaji of Falmouth brought the plane to a rest in the median without incident. Maine State Police closed the Interstate and diverted traffic onto Route 1 in Yarmouth. The southbound stretch of I-295 is expected to be closed until they can tow the aircraft to the Jetport when the least amount of traffic will be disrupted.

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