American Airlines Airbus A321

New American A321 on final to Bangor.
New American A321 on final to Bangor.

On October 22nd a new era in American Airlines history began with the delivery of their first Airbus A321 aircraft. As

with the prior delivery flights for American’s new A319s, the A321s inbound from Finkenwerder, made a pit stop in Bangor for fuel and a customs check before continuing on for Dallas.

Originally expected to stop in Boston, it was a pleasant surprise to see them showing up on Flightaware for Bangor. I made my plans for the morning to accommodate a trip to the airport to catch this beauty. We weren’t disappointed when it made an appearance over the Bangor Municipal Golf Course on final to 33.

As I’ve said before, the new American livery hadn’t really made it’s mark on me. I’m an old school guy and wasn’t a fan of the new design when I had seen computer renderings of it. When you see it on an aircraft it is a completely different story. There have been other A321s come through Bangor in US Airways livery but the American design is simply beautiful on this machine. It is very quiet and rolls down the runway with ease.

We look forward to seeing more of these birds coming through as their delivery flights pick up.

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