2017 Air Show Schedule

The 2017 air show season in New England is a few months away, but given the snowy forecast for tomorrow, I decided to throw together a list of shows here in New England as well as a few of the

Me at the New Smyrna Beach Balloon and Skyfest in 2013.
Yours truly at the New Smyrna Beach Balloon and Skyfest in 2013.

major national shows that are among the best of the best. Here they are with links to the show page.

As mud season gets closer here in Maine, I’ll start to throw a list together of local fly-ins at some of the smaller fields around Maine. I attended one last year and had a blast, granted it was in my pickup but it has a Boeing sticker on it, so, it sorta counts. Also, I’m working on a new project to promote general aviation in the great state of Maine and will be presenting at the 2017 Maine Aviation Forum at the Owls Head Transportation Museum on February 18th. After that I’ll post an update to it and hopefully gather more support for it.

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