United 968 Diverts to Bangor with Pressurization Issue

IMG_1737A United flight from San Francisco bound for Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport experienced a cabin pressurization issue after crossing into Newfoundland and Labrador from Quebec early Monday morning.

According to flight data from FlightAware, the flight with 210 passengers and crew on board was cruising at 39,000 feet and made a slight northerly turn while over Labrador City and initiated a rapid descent. The flight continued on that track while dropping altitude from 38,975 feet down to 11,400 feet before turning southeast towards Bangor, eventually leveling off at 10,200 feet for the trip into Bangor.

No injuries were reported to passengers or crew.

The drop from 38,975 feet to 10,975 feet took place over over a period of 7 minutes. From there, the flight continued onto Bangor at approximately 10,200 feet, taking a little over 2 hours.

Passengers were put up overnight in Bangor and will be flown from Bangor to Newark this afternoon aboard a Boeing 777-200. The inbound flight, United 2737 is due in at approximately 1:14pm and the outbound flight, United 2805 is scheduled to depart for Newark at 3:10pm.  From there they will be routed onto Amsterdam. The plane is currently parked at Gate 8 at Bangor International Airport while technicians are working on the aircraft to repair the problem.

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