Emirates A380 Medical Diversion

Emirates Flight 203 from Dubai to New York’s JFK International Airport made an emergency landing at 9am on Monday morning. The flight declared a medical emergency and diverted to Bangor.

Crews from the Bangor Fire Department, US Air Force Fire/Rescue and others utilized the City of Bangor’s Pierce Aerial Platform truck to reach the 2nd level of the giant Airbus A380-800.

Around 11:30 the aircraft taxied to the deicing pad before departing for the hour and 18 minute flight to JFK.

While diversions are a common event in Bangor, the size of the super jumbo made people turn an eye.

Bangor International Airport is the first airport on the east coast in the continental US. With an 11,440′ long runway, they can accommodate any aircraft currently flying, including the Airbus A380 and the Antonov AN225.

This makes the airport a choice landing spot when issues arise in the air. Medical/technical diversions are a common occurrence in Bangor, mainly because airlines know the team at Bangor International Airport and supporting agencies are up to the task and can handle anything thrown at them.

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