Bangor International Airport Traffic Up

Information posted on the Facebook page for Bangor City Counselor Ben Sprague shows an increase in passenger traffic traveling through Bangor International Airport. The 5.3% increase in passengers year-to date is broken down by the 3 major airlines that service BGR: Allegiant: 5,202 passengers vs. 4,257 last year (up 22.2%) Delta: 18,798 passengers vs. 18,232 … More Bangor International Airport Traffic Up

Weekend Spotting

It was a busy week and Saturday proved to be excellent for spotting at BGR. Earlier in the week there was a C27J stopping by along with an AWE A321 diversion for fuel from Hamburg Finkenwerder en route to Newark, a UTAir 737-800 with some sexy winglets, P-3’s, C-17’s as well as Interjet and Volaris … More Weekend Spotting