Another AAL A319 Comes to Bangor

After seeing the very first A319 for American Airlines stop in Bangor on Thursday, the second of 240 stopped in today for a fuel and customs stop. Fortunately for us spotters, the clouds started to burn off and by the time they departed, lighting was much better. A lot better than the 10 minutes post torrential downpour we had on the first flight.

I was at the Maine Air Museum for most of these shots on the spotting platform there. There is a project in the works to build a bigger viewing platform with a guide as to what planes and operators come into Bangor. Until then the smaller platform works well.

Along with the AAL A319 there were several Canadair and Embraer regional jets coming and going, an Airbus A300-600 FedEx freighter coming in from Memphis, a REACH C-17 flight based out of McChord and several Gulfstream and Bombardier private jets. Tomorrow there is an Allegiant MD-80, hoping to catch that in the elusive Blue Man Group livery.

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