New Route Announcement Tuesday

Big News At BGR

On Tuesday there will be an announcement of new service from Bangor International Airport. While there is a lot of speculation, the actual service remains a mystery. There have been several changes inside the airport lately, partially in preparation for the new terminal upgrades, but also to improve passenger flow. One big one has been to remove security checkpoint going to International Arrivals Terminal and enclosed walkway into the Domestic Terminal.

I don’t believe this is tied to the new service, rather to allow for diverted flights that stop at Bangor International to come to the terminal, allow passengers to deplane and use facilities, get food and whatnot, without having to clear security again. This does make you wonder if there is another airline potentially coming in, making use of gates in the International Terminal. BGR received grant money to woo United to Bangor.

So Who Might It Be?

While United is unlikely, routes to Chicago or Newark would be a nice option connecting passengers to the south and west. Allegiant Air has been adding several aircraft over the past couple of years, including Boeing 757s and Airbus A320s. Three or so years ago there was talk of Allegiant adding nonstop service to Las Vegas, which to me seems to make the most sense, although I’m not an airline executive. Given the amount of passenger traffic that travels through BGR from Canada, this could be a huge lure for them. Couple that with Allegiant adding service from Las Vegas to Mexico, it could be a winner.

With the American and US Airways merger still in the works, I’m not really sure it will be anything related to them, yet. The US Airways route to Washington’s Reagan National is up in the air due to anti-trust issues and the combined gate usage of the two at DCA. The only thing I see here could possibly be a JFK route.

That leaves Delta, and really, who knows. There was at one time a direct flight from Bangor to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International but that was discontinued a few years ago. This might come back, hopefully on something bigger than a CRJ-200.

If there is a press conference I’m going to try and break away from work and venture over to see what the news is all about. In the meantime the airport is having a contest to guess who it will be. Winners will receive tickets to the Son of a Beach Festival on the Bangor Waterfront.  You can enter your guesses here. Good luck and stay tuned on Tuesday to see where we’re going next!!

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