Looking Ahead to 2014

I’m sitting here watching the Fall Classic, trying to keep my blood pressure in check while watching the Red Sox in Game 1 of the World Series. I’ve also got Lightroom open going through some photos I’ve taken recently, I stumbled across some pictures from my Florida vacation in April and well, I went to check flights for the spring. I’m already in need of a vacation and Construction Season 2013 isn’t even over yet. I’m also going to Vegas for a trade show for work the first part of March but I’ll be looking at cranes and other construction equipment. Florida is for beaches, warm weather and air shows.

As I was searching flights I was thinking a couple things. First, if at all possible, I’m avoiding LaGuardia like the plague. If I HAVE to go through LaGuardia I’m taking the MAD DOG MD-88 to Tampa and finally, I’ll go through San Francisco if I have to so I can avoid LaGuardia. Ultimately I’m going to end up going through LaGuardia, there’s no getting around it. It’s not that I have a severe dislike for LGA, I just seem to get their employees on their “happy days”.  The Delta Terminal has gotten a lot better with improvements along with the bridge to carry you from Terminal D to Terminal C, and more food options(I know what you’re thinking, lay off the food, I’ve got a Speedo to fit into once I get to Florida).

So after I got a feeling for route, I’ll keep checking once a week until the prices come down from an arm, leg and 3 toes from your other foot to something reasonable. After my focus shifted from flights I got searching for something to do while I’m down there. Last year, my lack of planning got me to the New Smryna Beach Balloon and Sky Fest, which was great. Good show, perfect weather and the best sausage and peppers south of Boston.

The “Sequester” killed the MacDill show which was going to be the highlight of the trip. Had I planned ahead I could have made it to New Smyrna Beach as well as the Sun ‘n Fun even in Lakeland. After seeing the Sun n Fun pictures, I was wishing I had gone there, I would have avoided the traffic of Mickeyville, I mean Orlando. And Lakeland is only about 20 minutes from my grandmother’s place.

This year, I may be able to hit New Smyrna Beach but might skip that and go to the Florida International Airshow in Punta Gorda. All depending on when I fly in and how the weather is. It isn’t much of a drive(considering I’d drive 4 hours to Boston to see the Dreamliner) to Punta Gorda and well, I’ll be on vacation.

So that could be vacation in April, along with spotting trips to Logan for the Emirates arrival and possibly a long weekend in January to the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, I’m ready for some intense plane geeking in 2014!

I’ll be posting more spotting pictures this week as I sit here yelling at my TV watching the Sox along with some other plans for the fall and upcoming year.

2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to 2014

  1. For checking prices, I love Hipmunk’s Pricegraph feature — BGR is never included in fare predictors, but using the pricegraph I can get an idea of what the best possible fare is, for what days, and set a price alert. We did BGR-DEN for $320 each in July thanks to Pricegraph info…

    1. That’s a decent price to be honest. I booked through Delta’s website on my recent trip but checked US Airways as well as Jet Blue in Portland to see where it stacked up.

      I posted a blog about a new travel site called Route Happy. You can read about it here: https://3315aviation.com/2013/06/05/routehappy/

      They give happiness scores based on reviews and aircraft/amenities being used on the flight. You might get a flight with better legroom for a little more money.

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