EAA 736 Young Eagles Fly-In

A few clouds didn’t stop people from coming out to the Curtis Air FBO at Pittsfield Municipal Airport for the EAA 736 Young Eagles Fly-In. Kids between ages of 8 and 17 could go up for free rides with pilots to experience flying and get them interested in aviation at a young age.

There were 3 aircraft going steady giving the kids rides around the Central Maine area. There was no doubt it was a hit with the smiles spanning from ear to ear on the youngsters as they exited the aircraft. One boy, when asked “Where did you go? Bangor? Portland? Boston?” enthusiastically announced “No! We went to Corinna!”.

The Maine Forestry Service flew in and gave tours of one of their helicopters as well as explain some of the gear they use to battle wildland fires.

While the weather prevented many from flying in, there were still many planes parked on the ramp for people to look at. One of those being a beautiful Beechcraft, the “Miss Maine”.

Also at the event, I was giving demonstrations and educating children and adults on safe drone operations, through my side business, The Forza Group. From age 5 to 85, people were fascinated to see a drone in person and to see the capabilities, as well as hearing some of the practical uses for them in business and industry. Many of the youngsters weren’t aware they were limited to a height of 400′ above ground level, as well as some of the parents.

We were fortunate to have permission to do some demo flights and caught a couple photos of the days events. Safety procedures were taken so as to not have the drone in the air when an aircraft was on approach or taxiing as well as to keep people from under the UAV operations.

For more information on the Young Eagles program in Pittsfield, check their website or the EAA website.



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