American Airlines Airbus A321

On October 22nd a new era in American Airlines history began with the delivery of their first Airbus A321 aircraft. As with the prior delivery flights for American’s new A319s, the A321s inbound from Finkenwerder, made a pit stop in Bangor for fuel and a customs check before continuing on for Dallas.

Looking Ahead to 2014

I’m sitting here watching the Fall Classic, trying to keep my blood pressure in check while watching the Red Sox in Game 1 of the World Series. I’ve also got Lightroom open going through some photos I’ve taken recently, I stumbled across some pictures from my Florida vacation in April and well, I went to … More Looking Ahead to 2014

MV-22 Osprey

I got word from a friend that there were some MV-22 Osprey’s en route to Bangor on Monday. It was a busy day at work and I really didn’t think I’d be able to get away to stop by the field and check them out. This wasn’t anything new, the past 2 or 3 times … More MV-22 Osprey

Allegiant Air Adds New Route From Bangor to Punta Gorda

Despite last night’s blown call at the plate. the Red Sox are in an all out dog fight for first place in the American League East with the Tampa Bay Rays. Whatever the outcome is in October, fans will have reason to look forward to Spring Training 2014. Today, Allegiant Air announced they were adding … More Allegiant Air Adds New Route From Bangor to Punta Gorda

Weekend Spotting

It was a busy week and Saturday proved to be excellent for spotting at BGR. Earlier in the week there was a C27J stopping by along with an AWE A321 diversion for fuel from Hamburg Finkenwerder en route to Newark, a UTAir 737-800 with some sexy winglets, P-3’s, C-17’s as well as Interjet and Volaris … More Weekend Spotting

Rhode Island C-130

It isn’t out of the ordinary to see C-5’s or C-17’s coming in for the day to do touch and go exercises along with the KC-135’s based at the ANG base in Bangor. However, it was a pleasant sight seeing a C-130 from the Rhode Island Air National Guard today.