Travel Blog: LAS

As I may have mentioned a time or twelve before, my day job is in the construction industry. Every three years, anyone remotely associated with the construction business flocks to the City of Sin for ConExpo/ConAgg. By day you roam the grounds at the Las Vegas Convention Center checking out the newest equipment, technology and … More Travel Blog: LAS

Travel Blog: RDU

When I travel it is usually to Tampa for vacation which takes me on the typical LaGuardia/Tampa or LaGuardia/Atlanta/Tampa route. It is rare that I fly for work but in November I attended a conference in Raleigh for a non-profit organization that I sit on the board of. My last travel blog was the first … More Travel Blog: RDU

September Eleventh

At this time every year I reflect on the events that forever shaped our Great Nation along with the rest of the world. Like¬†many people, I look back at where I was that fateful day when I heard what was unfolding in New York City, Washington, D.C. and the field in Pennsylvania. The thoughts that … More September Eleventh

Maine Air Museum

Yesterday after I got done my morning chores and gym workout I made my way to the Maine Air Museum. As long as I’ve been hanging out on the sidelines of Runway 33, I’ve never been there. It’s been quiet at BGR due to the holiday weekend, but it was damp and dreary yesterday so … More Maine Air Museum

New York Weather Delays

Flights inbound to the 4 NYC airports(Teeterboro, LaGuardia, JFK, Newark) are experiencing delays due to severe thunderstorm activity in the area. Inbound flights are being held at their origin for 3+ hours, departing flights are being held for an average of 2 – 2.5 hours. Check with your airline for more information.